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Mrs. Amanda Watkins

Mrs.Watkins is the Volunteer Coordinator for high school students and families. 

Phone: 704.238.8883


Volunteering the UA Way

Challenge. Character. Community.

Union Academy and volunteering go hand in hand. 

It takes much more than classroom teachers and staff to develop the whole child. Because we want our students to learn beyond the classroom, Union Academy family members serving as volunteers are essential for enrichment experiences, community service, and special events support.

Through a formal UA Partnership Agreement, all families take an active role in service to the school. The Partnership Agreement states that Union Academy expects a service contribution to the school a minimum of 6 hours per month or 60 hours per year for each family.

Our UA families contribute more than 50,000 volunteer hours on an annual basis. At minimum wage, this equates to $362,500.00 a year.