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Family Student Handbook

Union Academy Family/Student Handbook

Welcome to Union Academy

The purpose of the Family/Student Handbook is to provide important information for our Union Academy families and students. 

The handbook has been organized with a table of contents and an alphabetized index to help you locate information quickly and efficiently. Most topics address appropriate information for all grades in the same place so parents with children at multiple levels can easily find information. For example, if you are interested in the dress code for students, you will see the requirements for all grades under this topic.

Please refer to this Handbook often for information you need. Any revisions or additions that might be necessary during the school year will be made in this digital format and noted with a revised date.

Additional information about our school is always available to you on our website at

Thank you so much for choosing Union Academy as your school. It is our privilege to welcome you to the Union Academy family!


UA Administration

UA Family/Student Handbook