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Driver's Ed

General Information

Driver's Education is offered at Union Academy through UCPS. Each UCPS Driver Education course involves 30 hours of online classroom work via modules on the Canvas platform and a minimum of 12 hours of Behind the Wheel instruction in a UCPS Driver Education vehicle (6 hours driving and 6 hours observing). Students must have access to the Internet to take the online course. There are 8 modules that open every-other-day, except for weekends or holidays during the scheduled course. Modules are to be completed outside of the regular school day. The Driver Education on


line course is usually 3 weeks in length and will take 30 hours to complete. Behind the Wheel instruction usually occurs 2-3 months after the passing of the final exam and vision screening. The order is determined by date of birth. Older students will be contacted first. Parents and students will be contacted by a UCPS Driver Ed Instructor via phone call, email, and/or text. They WILL NOT be contacted by social media. 

Enrollment in the UCPS Driver Education program is open to any student who attends a public, private, charter, or home school registered in Union County and meets the eligibility requirements.

Directions for UA Students

Follow these directions for the classes offered:

  • Registration is through UCPS. 
  • Click 2023-2024 schedule to view the class schedule and pick the class needed.
  • Registration has a certain date to register.
  •       Registration is a 2 part process
    •  #1- Payment ($67.50)
    • #2- Registration

Register here for Driver Education.

Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC)

To obtain your DEC, you must bring the following items to the Guidance Office:

  1. Original or certified copy of your birth certificate
  2. Social security card
  3. Current report card
  4. Driver Education Certificate provided to you by your driving instructor once you complete the driving portion of your course
  5. A parent or legal guardian must come to school to sign and date the DEC in the presence of the Guidance Department staff.

Union Academy cannot issue a DEC for Home School or Private School students.  Home School students should check the North Carolina Department of Non-public Education website  for information on obtaining a DEC.  Private school students should obtain their DEC from their school.  

Students must be passing 70% of their courses to be eligible to receive a Driver Eligibility Certificate.  

Important Links


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Contact Information

Contact Trent Faulkner for questions: