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Toys for Tots

Several sophomore advisories participated in a toy drive for Marine Toys for Tots. Students typically buy toys, drop them off, and never give it another thought. 

This year, the advisors asked local Marine and UA Alumni, Jordan Gemes, to come collect the toys and boys and speak with the participating sophomores about the Toys for Tots program.  “We wanted them to have a better understanding of what happens after the toys leave UA, said advisor Corinne Hagler.  

On December 14, the students gathered in the middle school gym and were greeted by not only Marine Gemes, but six other currently serving Marines. Gemes lead the discussion by talking about the Toys for Tots program, when it was founded, and how many children are impacted each year by this giving opportunity.  

Each marine then introduced themselves to the students telling their own story of where they came from and how they made the decision to enter the Marine Corp. Afterwards, several students stayed back and talked with the Marines about their own personal ventures and plans for the future.