CAC Membership

  • Membership to CAC is required for all MS and HS athletes.

    • $225 per family which is good for August 1-July 31
    • $150 per athlete for football
    • $25 per athlete per sport
    • All CAC memberships are due once an athlete is selected for a team. Athletes will not particpate in games or practices after the first game until paid.

    Ex.1: The Smith family has 3 girls that play a sport. The family dues are $225 plus $25 for each sport played ($300).  

    Ex. 2: The Smith family has a son who plays football and a daughter who plays tennis. The family dues are $225 plus $150 for football and $25 for tennis ($400).  


  • Families

    • Free admission to all home regular season games for immeditate family members.
    • Join in the fall and enjoy free admission all year to football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, and softball regular season games.


    • Uniforms
    • Equipment
    • Facility Maintenance
    • Field Maintenance
    • Officials
    • Coaching needs
    • Transportation