Carpool Information

  • Contact Mr. James for help with carpool tags: 


    • South Carpool: K-4 students and their 5-12 siblings
    • North Carpool: Grades 5-12

    Car Tags

    • Families must have a car tag to pick up in afternoon carpool.
    • ALL car tags are ordered through MyPaymentsPlus
    • New families receive the first car tag FREE

Student Parking

  • Contact Lucinda Supernavage with any questions regarding student parking:  

    Click here for community service criteria for field trips, parking, and other privileges.  

    Parking permits will be sold prior to the start of school each year. HS Administration sent out an email on 6/27/23 with dates and times for pick-up! See a copy of the email here.

    Student Parking is available for high school students with a valid driver's license on a first come, first served basis beginning with seniors, then juniors, then sophomores, as long as spaces are available. Permits are not accepted. 

    • Complete the Student Parking Applications and pay BEFORE picking up a tag in MyPaymentsPlus. NO REFUNDS. Please note that it takes 24 hours to process the registration and payment.
    • In order to earn the right to purchase a parking tag, students must have a minimum number of community service hours completed, logged in MobileServe, and approved. Seniors need at least 45 hours, while Sophomores and Juniors both need at least 30 hours.
    • Students MUST bring their valid NC driver's license and current insurance information with them to pick up the tag.
    • Parking tags must be displayed for parking at Union Academy; there will be a $5 charge for replacement tags.
    • The application, along with the parking fee, must be completed prior to driving to school.
    • If a student drives more than one vehicle, all vehicles must be registered with the school.     

    Union Academy is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles kept in private motor vehicles. Therefore, it is suggested that all vehicles remain locked. Additionally, Union Academy will not be responsible for damage to vehicles that are parked on school property. Damaged vehicles parked on school property should be reported to the front office and law enforcement.

    State laws governing driving in school zones are in effect on campus. Violation of speed limits, established traffic patterns, or reckless driving on or off campus will be reported to parents and may result in loss of on-campus parking privileges.

    The following rules apply (UA Family/Student Handbook):

    • Students may not leave campus during school hours without proper approval from their parent/guardian and UA staff.  Students may only leave for lawful reasons and must check out through the main office. Students may not leave campus for lunch. See early dismissal procedures. 
    • Students must be at least 16 years of age and enrolled at Union Academy.
    • Students must park in the numbered space that corresponds with their parking permit number. If someone is parked in a student space, the student should park in an available non-numbered spot and notify an administrator immediately so that the appropriate action can be taken. No switching of tags is allowed. 
    • No students are allowed to park in the bus parking area at any time.
    • The speed limit on campus is 10 mph. Drive safely and obey all traffic laws.
    • Once at school, students must immediately exit their vehicle and enter the school building; no loitering at any time.  
    • Violations of this policy constitute a violation of the discipline code.
    • Parking policies are subject to change at the discretion of the administration and students will be notified accordingly.


    If a student is failing any course or fails to increase community service hours at the end of each grading period, they may lose parking privileges at the discretion of the HS administration.