Family Volunteers

  • When new students arrive, we ask parents to sign a Partnership Agreement. This agreement asks parents to contribute a minimum of sixty hours a month, or 60 hours per year. Demonstrating respect for this contract is a clear requirement of Union Academy’s original charter. We're proud to say that our families quickly complete that 60-hour goal every year - and many contribute more than 60 hours! Our family atmosphere and amazing parents create a warm, inviting, and productive volunteer environment.
    We count on UA volunteers not only because we receive less funding from the state but also because parent volunteers enhance the success of the school in general and provide examples of service for students to emulate.
    Volunteer opportunities are emailed weekly and can be found in News from the Nest and on this page.
    Families and UA staff volunteer hours run from July 1-June 30. 
  • 1 Million dollars saved
  • 50K hours of service
  • 499 Volunteers