UA Admissions Lottery Information

  • The 2023-24 Admissions Lottery is now CLOSED! 

    Admissions are not accepted after the 20th day of the school year, which was August 28, 2023.

    The 2023-24 waitlist does not carry over to the following years. Per state law, you will have to submit a new lottery application every year for the appropriate grade.

    The admissions lottery application will open for next school (2024-25) on January 5, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. 


Welcome to UA

  • Union Academy is a K-12 tuition-free NC public charter school. Admission is lottery based and is open to any school-aged student in North Carolina. Please see our Admissions page for more information about the lottery process.

    To define what makes Union Academy an important place to so many is not an easy task. It may have been the special spirit of starting a new venture that so many experienced in the spring and summer of 2000. Or it may be the challenge of being a part of helping to make everything happen on a daily basis. Or it may be the spirit of collaboration and trust that has become ever so apparent as the school has developed.

    One thing is for certain, UA is a special place because it is populated by special people. One of our UA Board members put it this way, “The spirit of Union Academy is embodied in people who are willing to do whatever needs to be done.” That spirit of collaboration and selflessness together with an extraordinary emphasis on academic challenge, community service, and the development of strong character certainly defines UA.

2023-24 Admissions Lottery

  • Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Union Academy (UA) community.

    Union Academy is a K-12 tuition-free NC public charter school. UA enrollment is based on the lottery system. Students will be considered for enrollment without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, or physical disability. 

    Applications for the 2023-24 Enrollment Lottery will be available on the UA website homepage beginning December 1, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. The online application process will close at 10:00 a.m. on March 10, 2023. Two information sessions will be held: December 1, 2022 and January 9, 2023. The lottery will be held March 20, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. Families will be notified that night about their application status. 

    We ask that you please read the following detailed information before completing a lottery application.

Admission Priority

  • Union Academy may give enrollment priority in certain instances pursuant to North Carolina law, specifically G.S.115C-218.45. The Union Academy Board of Directors, per Board Policy 100.4, will offer admissions priority for the school year as follows:

    1. Children and grandchildren of school full-time employees (minimum of 30 hours a week (The law limits the amount of staff and/or board children to no more than 15 percent of the school’s total enrollment.)

    2. Siblings of currently enrolled students who were admitted to Union Academy in the previous year. For the purposes of this subsection, the term "siblings" includes any of the following who reside in the same household: traditional siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings, and children residing in a family foster home. Traditional siblings are brothers and sisters with the same mother and father. Half siblings share either the same mother or the same father. Step-siblings are brothers and sisters who are not related biologically, but whose parents are married to each other. (Union Academy will verify sibling information.)

    3. Children and grandchildren of the Board of Directors (The law limits the amount of staff and/or board children to no more than 15 percent of the school’s total enrollment.)

    4. Opportunity Preference - Exceptions may be made at the Headmaster's discretion. If a former student was enrolled in our charter school within the last two academic years but left due to an academic study abroad program, competitive admission residential program, or vocational opportunities of the parents, the charter school may grant enrollment preference. Enrollment depends upon availability and must be before the 20th day of school.

    5. Legacy Preference - Siblings of students that have graduated from Union Academy and were enrolled at least four years at the school can receive preference. 

    6. Applicants of the general public.

    Please note: Foreign Exchange students cannot enroll in charter schools. The law states, "Any child who qualifies under the laws of this State for admission to a public school is qualified for admission to a charter school." The NC School Attendance and Student Accounting manual states, "Foreign Exchange students coming to NC and are not domiciles of NC must be enrolled as Visiting Students." Therefore, Foreign Exchange students cannot enroll in charter schools because they are not domiciled in NC.

Lottery Admission Accept/Decline Information

  • Students accepted into the lottery will be given a maximum of five business days to make a decision on the offer. Accepted students must submit all online enrollment forms and registration paperwork by midnight on the 5th day. 

    If the offer is denied or not claimed by submitting the completed online forms within the five-day period, the seat will be offered to the first student on the waitlist. 

    Kindergarten students will complete all online enrollment forms and attend a Kindergarten screening. More information will be emailed to you if accepted.

    If one child in a family receives an admissions offer, other siblings are not automatically included in the offer. Other family siblings will only receive an offer if their wait list number moves up to an offer for the grade they are applying for. If no offer is made, they will be considered “siblings” for the next year (after one child in the family is attending) and must apply to the sibling lottery for the following academic year. 

    Please note: Any student who has not completed all the courses by the first day of the Union Academy school year (August 1, 2023) for the grade level he/she was accepted into, will not be allowed to enroll for the 2023-24 year.

    All students accepting enrollment spots must meet grade level requirements for the grade they applied for and are accepted into. This also includes high school requirements with required credits for the grade level they applied for and are accepted into. Please see UA High School Promotion Requirements. 

    Enrollment: Once enrolled, students remain enrolled until a parent withdraws a student by contacting the UA main office. When a student withdraws, space becomes available in that grade and a call or email is placed to the next person on the waitlist. 

    The calls/emails continue until the position is filled or the 20th day of school passes. If a student is called close to the school starting or after school has started, students accepted into the lottery will be given a maximum of five business days to make a decision on the offer and start school as soon as possible once school has started. 

    Multiple Birth Siblings: Siblings with shared birth dates (twins, triplets, etc.) will be pulled in sequential order for all priority levels of the lottery. For example, when twins apply, our computer script identifies the twins prior to the lottery. If one is pulled as wait list number 43, the other twin will be automatically numbered waitlist number 44. Then the random ordering of the names will continue. The same applies to acceptance. If one twin is pulled for acceptance, the other is automatically accepted, also.

Lottery Night

  • The lottery drawing is generated by a computer program. The computer program will randomly select applications for admission at the lottery drawing on 
    • Monday, March 20, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

    Parents may attend the live, public lottery on March 20, 2023, but attendance is not required. Attending the lottery does not improve or lessen the chances of admission. 

    Open seats will be offered to eligible student applicants following the lottery. Families will be notified by email regarding their acceptance or waitlist number within 24 hours of the lottery. 

    Parents may also log onto the account they created to check the results of the lottery and the wait list number per grade level following the lottery. 

    If there are no spaces available at the grade level for which the student is applying, the lottery will generate a wait-list number for each grade applied for. 

    Following the lottery, families will be notified by email regarding their acceptance or waitlist number. Parents may also log onto the account they created to check the results of the lottery and the wait list number per grade level following the completion of the lottery.

Post Lottery Enrollment

  • Parents who miss the online application window (December 1 through March 10), may still apply online after the lottery on April 3 and complete a post online application. 

    Applications will be numbered in the order they are received and assigned wait list numbers after the last wait list number from the computer-generated lottery.

    Please read our FAQ’s for any questions you might have about the Lottery. 

    Please visit the Lottery Timeline for all important dates. 

    If you have any additional lottery or admissions questions, please send an email to or call Amanda Housand at 704-238-8883, extension 1399. 

Important Dates

  • Lottery Dates

    January 5, 2024: Lottery Opens at 10:00 a.m.

    March 1, 2024: Lottery Closes at 10:00 a.m.

    March 11, 2024: Lottery at 5:00 p.m.

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  • Information Session and Tour

    February 5, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.


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UA Campus Facilities Tour

History of Union Academy

Lottery Application

  • The 2023-24 Admissions Lottery is now CLOSED!   

    The admissions lottery application will open for next school (2024-25) on January 5, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. 


    How to apply

    Please click here for the 2024-2025 Lottery Application. (It will open at 10:00 am on January 5, 2024. 

    You must create an account on the Parent Application Portal to proceed to the New Student Application.

    Note: If you created an account last year, you may use the same username/password to access the account so that you can complete the new student application.