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Mandatory Medical Forms

Mandatory Medical Information Form

A medical information form is to be completed at the beginning of each school year for each student. Forms must be filled out in their entirety, signed and returned prior to the first full day of classes. This form is mandatory for each student and is vital to our health room staff to ensure each child is given the appropriate care during a health-related event. If a student has any changes in his or her medical conditions during the school year, the student must submit a new form. This form is available online under the Back to School page or on the Union Academy website under Departments, then Health Services. 

Mandatory Medical Form

  • Please complete and return the form annually prior to the first day of school, to help us appropriately care for your child.
  • If your child has a life threatening condition/allergy, please notify the school nurse and any other staff members who will be in contact with your child.
  • Contact the school nurse if you need to schedule a conference to discuss details regarding the development of a health care plan for your child.
  • Please provide necessary updates that occur during the school year, either with contact numbers or your child’s health condition.

Mandatory Medical Forms

Yearly Mandatory Medical Form