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NC Report Cards

North Carolina’s School Report Cards are designed to provide parents,taxpayers, employers and other stakeholders with key information about student achievement and attendance, class size, school technology and other information from the state’s public and charter schools.”

Letter from NC School Superintendent Catherine Truitt  
Data Sources and Information Guide

UA NC Report Cards

UA NC Report Card

UA Performance Scores

2022-2023: B  76

2021-2022:  B  71

2020-2021:   No score or Letter grade (pandemic)

2019-2020:   No Score or Letter grade (pandemic)

2018-2019:  B  77

2017-2018:  A  85

2016-2017:  B  74

2015-2016:  B  78

2014-2015:  B  77

2013-2014:  B  78

2012-2013:  Met Growth (no performance grade)