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What is a school counselor?
School counselors are helpers. They help students in areas of academics, social skills, and emotions. They work with parents and teachers in guiding students to do their very best and make good choices in and out of school.

How do I work with students?
Counselors meet with students individually or in small groups to work on feelings, behaviors, and academic issues. We talk, draw, write, read, and play as a part of working out problems and developing good habits. While we can not do “therapy” at the school level, we can provide excellent referrals for counseling agencies in the community. Classroom lessons are another big way that counselors help students develop skills in citizenship, problem-solving, and working well with others.

How does my student see the counselor?
Counselors take referrals through parent/guardian(s) and teachers. Students can also see me by leaving a note in my mailbox outside my office. All information is confidential unless it is a matter of safety.


The Union Academy counseling and guidance program plays a key role in promoting students’ emotional, social, moral, and academic development.  School Counselors strive to respond to the “needs of the individual child” by providing the following services:

Individual Student Support: Counselors provide individual counseling services to students who demonstrate concerns about: relationships, academics, stress, family issues, etc. on an individual/as-needed basis.

Counseling Groups: Counseling intervention may be provided in small groups for students with similar concerns, such as divorce, school adjustment, friendships, grief, anger, motivation, study skills, etc.

Consultation: Consultation is available to teachers and parents when student issues arise. School Counselors can assist with behavior plans, classroom strategies, accommodations, outside counseling referrals, etc.

Career Development: UA school counselors work to: provide opportunities for students to explore and evaluate potential job paths; provide opportunities for students to evaluate and determine their own talents, strengths, and weaknesses.

Section 504 Accommodation Plans: School counselors are in charge of all student Section 504 Plans for students requiring accommodation.

Mental Health Screenings: Union Academy is committed to reaching the needs of the whole child- academically, socially, and emotionally. Based upon the requirements of Session Law 2020-7 and NCDPI Policy SHLT-003, Union Academy screens all students for possible mental health concerns. Staff will contact parents if a concern is raised. School Counselors lead the Mental Health screening process.


Emergency Contact List


Call 911 (medical or life threatening emergency) 





National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or chat at



Daymark Recovery Services- Mobile Crisis Team





Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions Access Center