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Standards Branding and Logos

Communications Standards Manual

It is of the utmost importance that Union Academy Charter School always presents a strong, consistent public image. Our public image must be reflective of the high standards we set for our students and employees.

The public has high expectations of all materials and publications produced by educational institutions. Therefore, in addition to using a clear and consistent style, it is critical that materials be free from grammar and spelling errors.

The Communications Standards Manual has been prepared to help anyone who writes, edits, designs, or presents on behalf of Union Academy Charter School.

The consistent application of our new logo on all print and web-based communications and materials, along with adherence to the other standards outlined in this Manual, will reinforce our image as a strong, successful charter school that is committed to our guiding principles of challenge, character and community.

While this Standards Manual attempts to be specific to ensure consistency, it may not answer all questions. You are encouraged to contact the Union Academy Charter School Communications Department with questions about the standards or how they should be used.

All printed, interactive or visual material produced by or for Union Academy Charter School must contain proper identification of Union Academy Charter School using the approved logo or seal. If you have any questions, please submit a mock-up of your materials or comps to the Union Academy Communications Department for review before production. This will enable UA to maintain a clear understanding of school materials.
and ensure adherence to these graphic standards

Communications Department

Jennifer Sutton Smith, Director
704.238.8883 (ext. 1117)