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Volunteering the UA Way

Union Academy and volunteering go hand in hand. 

When new students arrive, we ask parents to sign a Partnership Agreement. This agreement asks parents to contribute a minimum of six hours a month, or 60 hours per year. Demonstrating respect for this contract is a clear requirement of Union Academy’s original charter. We're proud to say that our families quickly complete that 60-hour goal every year - and many contribute more than 60 hours! Our family atmosphere and amazing parents create a warm, inviting, and productive volunteer environment.

Looking to get involved? This is the page you'll want to bookmark! 

Family Volunteering

How does the word get out?

We'll have special opportunities in the weekly newsletter, News From the Nest. We'd also recommend bookmarking this page and checking out the Bulletin Board above. You can also contact the fabulous Amanda Watkins, our Parent Volunteer Coordinator. Why not go directly to the source, right?

How do I report my hours?

Parents:  We obviously want to give credit where it's due! Make sure you document all of your (much appreciated) efforts on our Volunteer Hours Reporting Form. This includes hours by you and your family as well (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc). Just remember, if it doesn't make it on that form, we don't know about it! 

I want to brag when I hit my 60!

Got you covered! You'll be recognized in the newsletter and also receive a free car magnet to proudly display. 

Student Volunteering

Union Academy is dedicated to strong community relationships and awareness, both locally and globally. We want everyone associated with our school to feel a sense of community. We believe that our students will be much better prepared for life and become better contributing citizens by participating in community service and learning at every grade level.

At Union Academy every high school student (grades 9-12) is responsible for completing and documenting a total of 105 hours of independent community service hours prior to graduation. Ninth graders must complete at least 15 hours of service, while tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders complete at least 30 hours per year. Many of our students more than double the requirement during their four years of high school and are recognized during graduation ceremonies for their contributions.

High School Students:   Submit your hours online on the High School Community Service Reporting Form. See Mrs. Watkins with any questions. Students will need to use their UA Google account to submit the form.
                                     Volunteers at the UA BBQ