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Tracy Miller » Ms. Miller - 7th Grade

Ms. Miller - 7th Grade

Ms.Tracy Miller  * Room 262 * tmiller@unionacademy.org 
School Phone: (704) 238-8883 ext. 1262
Current Tutoring Drop-in: M-F 7:30-8:00 am; Other by Appointment

Please feel welcome to contact me with questions and ideas. The best way to reach me is via e-mail. 

Social Studies Updates and Reminders

Notebook 1A is now in PowerSchool – if your student is not happy with their grade they can request their notebook back from me and redo/correct it and turn it in for a new grade.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


Unit 1B


We have 1 quiz grade in this unit – a map that the students will do in class (they will have to work on it at home if they do not finish it in the time provided) – due August 27


There are 3 assessment grades

                Quote assignment – due August 28

                Art Analysis – this will be done completely in class on August 28

                Notebook 1B due August 30

                                This includes the following – labeled and in order

                                1.  Lesson 8

                                2.  Lesson 9

                                3.  Lesson 12

                                4. Lesson 13

                                5.  Lesson 14

                                6.  Lesson 17


English Updates and Reminders

Parents and Students:

Here’s what this week (8/19 - 8/23) looks like:


Monday 8/5:

Vocab Chapter 2 introduction and Monday activity and review. 

Introduction to The Call of the Wild Novel. 

The story opens with Buck, the canine protagonist, being stolen from a California ranch and transported to Yukon, Canada to serve as a sled dog during the Klondike Gold Rush. On the trip north, Buck experiences the harshness of men and other sled dogs, both of which treat him brutally. As Buck adapts to this merciless environment, his primitive instincts come to life, and he reverts to his wolfish nature. 


Students will discuss themes; such as Survival of the fittest, key elements of figurative language, conflicts, how to draw inferences about the plot and characters of the novel, as well as how the the wilderness represents adventure, strength, hardship, and Buck himself. 


Activity: Students will research the background of the Author Jack London as well as the Klondike Gold Rush. 


Tuesday 8/6:

Vocab Chapter 2 Tuesday activity and review.

Students will complete a pre-reading activity for The Call of the Wild (C.O.W.)


Wednesday 8/7:

Vocab Chapter 2 Wednesday activity and review

Students will start Ch.1 reading and a pre-reading activity


Thursday 8/8:

Substitute will be present today.

Vocab Chapter 2 Thursday activity and review

Students will finish chapter 1 and complete a Reading check. They may use the book for answers but not a neighbor.


Friday 8/9

Vocab Ch. 2 Quiz

Students will work on Grammar concepts (mechanics, usage, and grammar)