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Tara Malone » Mrs. Malone - Eighth Grade

Mrs. Malone - Eighth Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Malone's 8th Grade Social Studies Class!

I am so happy that we are about to start the 2022-2023 school year, and I can't wait to share my love of history with all of my new students. This will be my fourteenth year of teaching at Union Academy, and my twenty-second year of teaching overall. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BA, with a dual major in History and Political Science. I went on to receive a Master's Degree in Education from Sacramento State University. This year our course of study will be North Carolina and the United States: creation and development of the State and Nation.  Eighth Grade Social Studies entails a study of North Carolina and the United States, and will follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. 

Students will use Canvas daily in Social Studies:
How to Navigate Mrs. Malone' s Canvas Page Video 
8th Grade Social Studies Course Syllabus is located on my Canvas page.
8th grade Supply List :

(2) 1.5-2” binders

 - one for Math/Math 1

- one to be shared by ELA, SS, and Science

(1) Loose-leaf lined notebook paper

(2) Composition (Cow) notebooks (ELA/English 1)

(1) Colored Pencils (to be kept in the binder)

(2) Glue Sticks (to be kept in the binder)

Sharpened Pencils (to be kept in the binder)

(1) Pack of 3x5 index cards, lined (ELA/English 1)

(1) Pocket Dividers (minimum 5 tabs)

(1) Plastic Folder with pockets and prongs (Science)

(1) Box of Tissues

(1) Clorox/Lysol Wipes


Wish List

Graph Paper (Math and Math 1)

Zip Top Bags: Snack and Gallon size (Science)

    • Tests, Quizzes and Projects– 45%
    • Classwork – 35%
    • Skills Check – 20%
Parents and students are encouraged to check your or your student's academic progress at any time on the Powerschool website. Assignments will be graded in a timely fashion, and grades will be updated on Powerschool weekly. 
    • Attendance will be taken daily in your Homeroom class.  
    • If your child is absent from school use the absence form below for reporting purposes. The forms can be found on the UA Webpage under Important Forms or below. 
    • Communication regarding student's daily assignments, projects and test dates will be shared through
      • 8th grade Team's Monday Minutes
      • Student's Canvas Calendar 
      • Daily Canvas Announcements (optional) These are Canvas Announcement texts to your phone. If you wish to receive these announcements via your phone, please view UA Parent/Student Resources Remote Learning Below for instructions on how to do this) 



Canvas will be used daily with students in this course. Below is a link that is designed by the Union Academy IT department and will provide you with all necessary resources and How To Lists for Remote Learning.

UA Parent and Student Resources 2021-2022

Tutoring Schedule: 
  • Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:00 
  • Please contact Mrs. Malone if you need to schedule alternate days/times.
Teacher Contact Information:
Phone: (704) 238-8883 (ext. 267)  - Union Academy Middle School

Class Expectations:

Students must always demonstrate respect for their fellow classmates, teachers and staff.
  • Students must complete and submit all assignments in a timely fashion.
  • Students must attend before school, during lunch or advisory, or after school sessions, if missing work in the course, this will allow for the assignment to be completed and submitted for credit. 
  • Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, will not be tolerated.
  • Students must always bring their daily materials to class and be prepared to participate actively.
  • Students must always be in class and in their seats before the bell rings.
  • No food, drinks or gum is permitted in the classroom (except water).
  • Students must adhere to the rules of Union Academy at all times.

Please view Union Academy Family Handbook if you wish to review more information about MS,  attendance policies and MS dress code. 

MS Dress Code Policies (2021-2022)