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Shuttle Service

Registration & Payment:

Extra, extra! You can now sign up for the 2017 - 2018 school year. Want even better news? Signup and payment are BOTH online this year!
Step 1: Head over to the Online Payment Portal and click on Shuttle Service.
Step 2: Click your desired shuttle service (there are 4 unique services). 
Step 3: Under "Description" (you may have to scroll down) you'll find the link to fill out the form. 
Step 4: When the form is completed, you can make your payment from that page.

Off Campus Shuttle:

We now offer voluntary shuttle service to and from the following Union County locations:

  • Wesley Chapel 201 Central
    (7:00 am departure / 3:50 pm arrival)
  • Sun Valley Harris Teeter Area
    (7:05 am drop off / 3:50 pm arrival)
  • Seacrest Grove Baptist Church
    (7:20 am departure / 3:35 pm arrival)
You must be at these stops 10 minutes prior to departure times above.
Note: Times may be adjusted in the future.

Shuttle Between Campuses:

This service is offered to families with students on both campuses. Shuttle service is a voluntary service provided, not a requirement. 

The following polices must be adhered to in order to retain your privilege to ride the shuttle:

  • Student must be seated on the shuttle five minutes prior to departure time and the shuttle will depart on time.
  • If a student misses the shuttle, they will be placed on the second shuttle only if available; otherwise the parent is responsible for an alternate form of transportation.
  • Shuttle riders may not bring another rider with them on the assigned route.
  • Shuttle riders may not bring any animals on the shuttle.
  • Shuttle riders may not bring any large projects on the shuttle that will not fit in their lap. Band instruments are allowed, but if all seats are full, the student must be able to put the instrument in their lap.
  • Fighting/pushing another student will not be allowed.
  • No standing or changing seats while the vehicle is moving.
  • Inappropriate words, gestures, or noises will not be tolerated.
  • Students may not throw things on the shuttle or out the windows.
  • Damage to the vehicle will not be tolerated, including any markings or tears to the seats.
  • No eating or drinking allowed on the shuttle.
  • Electronic devices are allowed before and after school hours if they have age appropriate content and are not a distraction to the driver (as determined by the driver).

Each violation of rules will be handled by the appropriate principal on a case by case basis.