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Stacey Blair » Ms. Blair - Social Studies

Ms. Blair - Social Studies

Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies
I am a historian, writer as well as a history teacher and history nut.  When not doing all of that I spend my time at the Museum of the Waxhaws or designing historical clothing.  This will be my 18th year here at Union Academy and in addition to my teaching degree, I have a BA in History with a minor in Geography, a BFA in Design and Architecture with a minor in Cultural History and a MA in History.  I attended Converse College, Rowan University and the American Military University.  You could say I really love history and I love to share that love with students.
I also manage "Angus Charles History Dog" across social media (check us out on Facebook and Instagram at present) which promotes history and historical preservation as well as promoting historical sites and also "Team Angus Charles" a Middle School service learning club for history.
Tutoring Hours
Weekdays 7:30-7:50, during Lunch and 3:00-4:00 (unless I have duty - please check with me)
Edpuzzle -- all students must have an edpuzzle account and join my class
https://edpuzzle.com/join/niwegae  Use this link -- class code is niwegae
The account MUST use your first and last name -- no nicknames
IT Student Helpdesk Hours
December Reminders
     - We are fast coming to the end of the quarter and I wanted to make sure that Parents know what is coming up in my class.
- Unit 5 Test -- December 14th (review day Dec. 13)
- Unit 5 Blog, Notes and vocab are all due on the 14th
- The student's final portfolio piece is also due on the 14th.  They will be given the directions Dec 7th and then be given 2 class periods to work on it.  The maps they need for the assignment are located in my shared "Google Folder" -- link above.
Latin American Revolution Essay Redo -- students who are not happy with their essay my redo it and submit it on Canvas under "Latin American Essay Redo" it must be turned in by Monday, Dec 10th at 4 pm.  I am available during carpool Thursday, Friday and Monday as well as Monday before school for any student who has questions.
Essay Grades
- Students are required to turn in a planning page that gives them general instructions for an essay
- There is a rubric on the Canvas page that tells students what is expected and how many points they will lose if not followed.
- We spent Wednesday in class going over a check list of what needed to be done to turn in a good essay -- this included
1.  Do you have an introduction sentence that clearly states your position?
2.  Do you have 3 clear and accurate reason statements?
a.  Are the reason and support sentences separate?
b. Are the reasons general statements that can be proven?
c.  Does it support your position or are they just interesting fluff?
3.  Do you have 3 supports?
a.  Are they accurate?  Are they facts?
b.  Do they prove the reason true?
c.  Are they more than just general statements Ms. Blair said in class?
4.  Do you have a conclusion sentence?
a.  Did they restate their reason in the conclusion sentence?
5.  Do they have a citation?  URL's are not citations.
6. Structure
a.  Do you have a planning page?  Is it correctly filled out (Brainstorm, plan, rough draft)
b.  Have you checked spelling and grammar?
c.  Is it written as a single paragraph?
d.  Did you remember to color?  Change font color, do not highlight or use light colors that are difficult to read -- If I can't read it then I will not count it as being there.
Important reminder to Parents and Students
Because of our new schedule Social Studies has lost a fair amount of class time -- while necessary to strengthen Math and Language Arts I still need to cover the same amount of content.  This will mean that I a student does not finish classwork during class then it has to be completed at home and turned in the next day.  I hope that this does not happen often and that students use their time in class well, but it is a possibility.  
Homework -- is posted in multiple locations
     - It is posted on the "Homework Board" each Monday for the entire week and students are expected to copy down all of their assignments for the whole week on Monday.
   - It is here on this site -- please click the "7th Grade Homework and Due Dates" link for the due dates for the entire unit.
   - If it is a Canvas assignment, it will be in their Canvas calender.
   - On any assignment that is digital (Canvas or Edpuzzle) the due date is on the individual assignment.
All digital assignments are due by 8 am the day their are due.
When going to Canvas to do an assignment, have students click on "Modules" rather than on the other categories -- this will show them all the assignments at one time
What do the numbers mean on my assignments -- such as "2.2 classwork"  The first number is the unit number and the second number is the lesson number -- it might also include the category.  So -- this is Unit 2, Lesson 2 and it is a classwork grade.

This year UA will be utilizing Canvas as a means of communication, course work, and a variety of other purposes. Please see the links below for more information.


Students:   Access our Canvas classroom information through the below link.

Instructions for you to access Canvas

Video link with instructions for parents

What observers can view and do in the course


General Policies And Grading Scale

 Grading Scale

Assessments (tests and portfolio pieces) -- 60%

Quizzes -- 20%

Classwork -- 15%

Homework -- 5%

Late work Policy

- late work may be turned in for up to 5 days with a loss of of 10 points each day.  It is the students responsibility to let me know that late work has been completed -- either by a note or an email that contains both their name and the assignment number made up -- example -- 1.9 (Unit 1 lesson 9)

- I only update late work, make-up work and corrections once a week, so even if the student informs me the next day that the work has been completed it will take at least a week for that to be reflected in their grade.  If after a week or so the grade has not changed please contact me so that we can see what happened and get it taken care of.


Important things that students and parents need to remember
1.  If you are turning in late or make-up work, you need to email me with the name of the assignment completed or tell me during a non-class time (before school starts, lunch or during carpool)
2.  If you need help with homework, have a question or need help with doing a portfolio piece I will be glad to help you any morning between 7:30 and 7:55, during carpool and during lunch 
3.  Any assignment not completed in Canvas needs to be turned in by putting it in the student's Social Studies folder (it is easiest to just create it there in the first place).  If it is not in your Social Studies folder, even if it is somewhere else on your drive then it will be considered late -- like you left it in your locker instead of bringing it to class.
4.  All formal papers must be in either Times New Roman or Arial and no larger than 12 point in font size.
5.  All assignments other than homework must have citations
6.  When sharing things with me from Google Docs -- you must type in my email (sblair@unionacademy.org) -- you cannot use autofill, it does not get to me.
7.  When we play Kahoot, you must use your name -- no nicknames or crazy symbols.  There will be consequences for students who have a problem following this direction.