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Rebecca Yanacsek » Ms. Yanacsek - 7th & 8th Grade

Ms. Yanacsek - 7th & 8th Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Yanacsek's Information Site

The 2018-19 school year will be my second year of full time teaching at Union Academy, but many of you know that I have been a substitute here for seven years. My son graduated from Union Academy in 2017, and he now attends Wingate University.  My daughter is a sophomore in high school at UA. 

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNC-A) with a degree in Education that spans Kindergarten through 12th grade. I taught in the Union County School system at Parkwood and Sun Valley High Schools prior to coming to UA.

Your student will have access to my Canvas page that contains daily updates on class activities and due dates. Parents: Please subscribe to the Announcements for my classes.  Subscribing can be done by having your student log in to their account and adding a contact email or phone number in the tab marked accounts.  Step by step instructions can be found here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TvJGDbbqSmN3x-KAhF572IUoyjC_LqpBqKSRu8FUmx4/edit?usp=sharing

I offer tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:00, other times are available by appointment. 

My course Daily Document can be found for each Core Block

First Block https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u9LGqVRDrdyHfc9kEoEqneEZSSiYmJ7Oa2jAH58U1S4/edit?usp=sharing

Second Blockhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1nVlHolkX7hy2Ds8XkQjFzzHKg1e4nd2niW4BV5erIhc/edit?usp=sharing

Third Block https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H2ImfAd-N1ZOzwebVCdUPp_V1IXFA9VWFxg1vXKImHk/edit?usp=sharing


English Language Arts Grade Weights
          45% Tests, Projects, and Essays
          45% Quizzes and Classwork
          10% Homework      
Late work policy:
1 day late: Grading starts at 85
2 days late: Grading starts at 70
3 days late: Grading starts at 60
4 days late: Grading starts at 60
5 days late: Grading starts at 60
Work that is more than 5 days late is accepted at teacher discretion. 
If a student is absent, the late work policy begins after the usual period for makeup of missing assignments.