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Michael McGinnis » Mr. McGinnis - Physical Education

Mr. McGinnis - Physical Education


  • Improve health-related fitness (muscular and cardiovascular strength/endurance, flexibility and body composition)
  • Improve techniques related to team/individual sports and other activities
  • Practice and understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle


Students are required to follow ALL basic UA rules plus:

  • Do not misuse equipment, nor use equipment unless instructed to
  • No gum, food, candy, drinks, etc. in anyone’s mouth once they enter the gym
  • No touching, hitting, or hanging on the basketball net

P.E. Uniform:

  • Union Academy P.E. shirt (red or blue)
  • Exercise shorts/pants (must be knee length and loose fitting) –NO SOFFEES or YOGA PANTS
  • Safe tennis shoes (no Heelies, boating shoes, or skate board shoes)

Grading System:  (20 points a day)

  • Ten points for dressing out (PE shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes)
  • Ten points for participation
  • Parent notes to be excused from participation are good for two days.  A doctor’s note is required after the second day.  The student must still dress out, regardless of note.