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Michelle Hill » Mrs. Hill - Seventh Grade

Mrs. Hill - Seventh Grade

My name is Michelle Hill and I am so excited to be a part of Union Academy! My husband, Daniel, and I live with our two boys, Jamie and Charlie, in Wingate, NC.  We love playing games together, going on walks after supper, and visiting the beach. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Recent Posts

8/26 Update

Hey families!  We have another exciting week on it's way at the "World Cafe" - where friends meet to explore the social and natural world!  
Social Studies: This week, we will conclude our study of Geography and the Environment by answering the big question: "Who's in control?  The Environment or Mankind?". Students will use their research on natural disasters, diseases, and natural resources/ trade to give both nature and mankind a final "arm-wrestling match score". 
From there, we will be moving on to our study of Demographics and Migration. The new big question is: "Should countries actively seek to limit migration?"  We will be exploring demographic factors used to describe populations (literacy rate, birth rate, death rate, average life expectancy, etc.), factors that drive humans to migrate / immigrate (war, famine, job seeking, family opportunity) . Pack your bags and get ready to act out historical and modern global movement!
This week we will test our homemade anemometers and barometers! We will also explore the effect of global and local winds on the weather!  Ask your kids towards the end of the week about all of our outdoor observations including cloud cover, humidity, wind speed, and barometric pressure!
Thanks and here's to another great week!
- Michelle

8/19 Update

Hey families!  We have an exciting week coming up at the "World Cafe" - where friends meet to explore the social and natural world!  
Social Studies: This week, we will continue our study of Geography and the Environment.  We are asking the "big question", "Who's in control?  The Environment or Mankind?"  To begin, we studied the social, emotional, political, environmental and economic effects of natural disasters. Students have NATURAL DISASTER PROJECTS DUE MONDAY 8/19. We worked on these in class for several days.
  To continue our study, we will engage in simulations that allow students to act out transatlantic trade (The Columbian Exchange), international competition for resources, and what happens when cultures collide!
Science:  Layers of the atmosphere projects from last week looked AMAZING and were so creative -Thank you for the support!  
This week we are continuing our exploration of atmosphere and weather! We will study:
1.the sun's role in weather and the hydrologic (water) cycle
2.how air masses, barometric pressure, and fronts impact our weather and our lives
3.cloud types - in class cloud project and outside walks for scientific observation.
If possible, have your student bring 1 bag of cotton balls for cloud projects by Wednesday.
Thanks and here's to a great week!
- Michelle

8/12 Update

Science with Mrs. Hill: This week we are studying the layers of the atmosphere!  Students will build an atmosphere in a jar, update their interactive notebook, and create a "Learner's Choice" project (write a poem or rap, make a skit, poster, model) to show the class. (Students MAY bring items from home to help with the project but this is NOT required - plenty of materials are provided in class.)
Social Studies with Mrs. Hill: This week we are answering the big questions "WHO CARES about history?!?"  We will work on making connections between historical eras and modern day problems.  Students will use their "Digital Notebook" to explore 6 major time periods. (Located in a file in their Google drive titled "S.S. Hill")