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Grades 3 - 5 » Grades 3 - 5 Academics

Grades 3 - 5 Academics

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Sent via email on June 21, 2018


Letters with teacher assignments and schedules were mailed this week, so please keep an eye out for that.

In July, we will send a form requesting summer photos of your child, which we will show during our first-day assembly. The students love seeing themselves and their friends doing cool things over the summer.

Mark your calendar for our Open House:

Grades 3-5: Thursday, July 26, 2018                      

  • Last name N-Z:  5:00-6:00 p.m.
  • Last name A-M:  6:00-7:00p.m. 


Our teachers are highly skilled at their jobs; however, like all of us, they are stronger at specific subjects or related content areas. This year, I’m excited about our new schedules, which allow our teachers to focus on the subjects in which they excel. This means our students will have teachers who are the best in their content areas.
I am excited about our new hires, teachers, and schedules. I know it may look complicated on paper, but I promise you that the students will pick it up easily. The teachers will also do a good job of walking the students through their schedules until they get it down.

Third and fourth grades:

This year, third- and fourth-graders will have two teachers. They will have a homeroom but will also go to another teacher (across the hall) for some of their subjects. For example, a student with Griffin for homeroom will also have Griffin for ELA and social studies, then will have Lenix for math and science.

Parents will get most correspondences about the class through the homeroom teacher, but will communicate with the second teacher for academic needs in their corresponding subjects.

Third grade is paired as follows:

Griffin:        Homeroom/ELA/SS

Lenix:         Homeroom/math/science


Donovan:     Homeroom/ELA/SS

Sanders:      Homeroom/math/science


Auret:          Homeroom/ELA/SS

Hughes:      Homeroom/math/science


Bretz:           Third-grade SOAR homeroom/third- and fourth-grade SOAR ELA/SS

Levesque:    Fourth-grade SOAR homeroom/third- and fourth-grade SOAR math and science


Fourth grade is paired as follows:

*Fourth-graders will have their homeroom teacher for social studies and science, as well as the following:

Hinson:         Homeroom/ELA           

Jones:          Homeroom/math            


Dunleavy:     Homeroom/ELA

Rosmon:       Homeroom/math

Henson:        Homeroom/ELA

Mitchell:        Homeroom/math


Bretz:           Third-grade SOAR homeroom/third- and fourth-grade SOAR ELA/SS

Levesque:     Fourth-grade SOAR homeroom/third- and fourth-grade SOAR math and science


Fifth grade:

Fifth grade will have two teams. Students will mix together during Creative Core classes, but will be on smaller teams for academic core classes.

Teams are as follows:

Brown:          Homeroom/Science/one section of math

Plummer:      Homeroom/ELA/one section of math

Pawlowski:    Homeroom/social studies/one section of math


Goodman:    Homeroom/math

Bratchie:       Homeroom/science

Mills:             Homeroom/ELA

Watterson:    Homeroom/social studies


Fifth-graders will have lockers. Their classrooms are on the main hall where the “old” front office is currently located.  



Grades 3-5 will have Experiential Learning (EL) with Beth Rushing throughout the month.

Third and fourth grades:

  • Art, Music, PE (once a week), STEM, Media, Genius Hour/Math Lab.
  • Students DO NOT DRESS OUT FOR PE, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately.


Fifth Grade:

  • Art, Music, PE (every day), STEM, AG.
  • Students DO NOT DRESS OUT FOR PE, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately.
  • They will have a flex media schedule and will go with their teachers.


This is posted on our UA Summer Information section on the school website. https://www.unionacademy.org/apps/pages/summerinfo




  • You can get your car rider tag this summer at the school from Claire Koning. They will also be available at Open House.  
  • Grades 3-5 will drop off in the NEW carpool line in front of the new addition. On the first day of school, high school student council members and UA staff will be in the carpool line to help new third- through fifth-graders get out of cars and walk to their classrooms.
  • Please DROP OFF your students instead of walking them in due to limited parking spots. Drop-off is from 7-7:59 a.m. If you arrive at or after 8 a.m., your student is tardy and you will need to park and walk your child in.
  • The morning “gathering spot” for third- through fifth-grade students is the current High School Gym. There will be teachers on duty at 7 a.m. to watch the students. If you drop off your student after 7:50 a.m., s/he will report directly to his or her homeroom classroom. Students must be in the classroom to be considered “present.”

Older student driver:

If you have an older student driver you’d like to pick up your younger student, please send in a note or email your child’s teacher stating that s/he has permission to be picked up by that older sibling for the entire school year. The teacher will keep this note on file. If this changes, please let the teacher know.

Transportation changes:

If you are changing transportation plans for a specific day, please notify Susan Houchins at the front desk AND your child’s teacher. After 2:45 p.m., we cannot make transportation changes.

If your child is riding home with another UA student, please write a note/email to your child’s teacher giving permission. Your student will need to go to the other child’s pick-up room, so they know when the vehicle arrives. If this is a regular or permanent arrangement, make sure the person picking up your child has your car tag.  



Students will have plenty of physical activity. We WILL have a playground; however, the date is still to be determined. Until the playground is in place, students have access to balls, frisbees, PE equipment, etc. Please make sure your child wears athletic shoes for recess and PE.

Third and fourth grades have PE once a week with recess on the off days; fifth grade has PE every day, but does not have a scheduled recess time.


You are welcome to eat with your child – just make sure you sign in at the front office.

Grades three and four will eat in the new K-4 building; fifth grade will eat with sixth grade in the MPR, sitting with their classes on the opposite side of the room.

ONLY fifth-graders are allowed to use microwaves during lunch.

Teachers will discuss snack options with students and will let you know whether to send a snack. Homeroom teachers will provide lunch times.



All grades will participate in several community outings and trips. ONLY fifth-graders take an overnight field trip, visiting the Betsy-Jeff Penn Educational Center. Our teachers will provide more information on this trip.




Read the weekly UA newsletter, News from the Nest, for stories about our students and staff, snapshots into our classrooms and information on upcoming events. It is sent to all families via email on Thursdays during the school year.

You can also visit AND SUBSCRIBE to the main calendar on the UA website for all events.



Volunteers are what make UA so successful, so please get involved. Amanda Watkins is our volunteer coordinator (awatkins@unionacademy.org). Look for opportunities from her and from our room parents.