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Board of Directors

UA Board of Directors Executive Committee Nominations

The UA Board of Directors met on April 4, 2019. Pursuant to Section 10.6.1(E) of the UA By-Laws the Nominating Committee made recommendations and nominations were accepted from the floor for positions to fill the UA Board of Director’s Executive Committee. The following Board members were nominated:



Jack James                                                                   

John Laurenzana


Vice Chairman:

John Laurenzana

Tripp Melton

Kevin Sells



Lenora Bowman



Inessa Montes



Annual Search for Board Members

The UA Board will be holding its Annual Meeting and electing new Directors and Officers for the 2019-2020 School Board at the May 2nd Board meeting. Per bylaw requirements the initial slate of officers will be presented at the April 4 meeting and the final ballot presented at the May 2nd meeting for elections.

The Nominations Committee shall prepare a written ballot of Officers to be presented at the Board Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting and then shared the following day to the UA community. The Nominations Committee shall present the Final Ballot of Officers at the Annual Meeting.  

2018-2019 BOD Meeting Schedule:

July - No Meeting
August 9th - 6:00 pm
September 6th  - 6:30 pm
October 10th -  6:30pm
November 8 - 6:30pm
December - No Meeting
January 10th - 6:30 pm
February - No Meeting

February 13th- Special Called Meeting

*Pursuant to Article 9.5 of the Union Academy By-Laws, Chairman Mike Harris is calling a special meeting of the  Union Academy Board of Directors. This meeting will occur at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, February 13, 2019 on the UA Campus. The purpose of this special meeting is to (1) discuss contracting a consulting company to assist the Board in developing a strategic plan and (2) the Board will also go into closed session to discuss the renewal of Dr. Walters contract as headmaster.

March 7th - 6:30 pm
April 4th- 6:30 pm 
May 2nd  - 6:30 pm
June 13th - 6:30pm 

2018-2019 Members:

Mike Harris, Chairman
Jack James, Vice-Chair
Chris Bragg, Secretary
Frank Aikmus, Treasurer


Lenora Bowman
Alicia Campbell
Jeffery Carpenter
Charla Grisham
Sarah Latimer
John Laurenzana
Nolan McBride
Tripp Melton
Inessa Montes
Bob Noblet
Greg Rathmell
Kevin Sells

Terry Kennedy, Foundation Board Chair, Ex-Officio


Dr. Ann Walters

School Board members can be e-mailed using schoolboard@unionacademy.org.
This address will e-mail all members at the same time.