Union Academy Charter School

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Academic Profile

Union Academy students receive the benefit of high expectations for academic performance. Realizing that students have individual strengths, weaknesses, and varied intelligences, we have created an environment with small class sizes and maximum teacher flexibility so that students can benefit from individual attention. Research indicates that student learning should be measurably improved with the use of teacher-directed, subject-based instruction following constructivist principles. Union Academy focuses on teaching the basics to mastery, enriching the whole curriculum with the arts, integrating character education throughout the system, embracing individual differences, and using community resources outside the classroom for learning.

We employ a wide variety of methods which include: whole and small group instruction, individual and peer tutoring, inclusion, interest centers, structured enrichment and remediation opportunities, long-term projects, projects that cross grade levels, as well as curriculum-based field trips. We make use of research, technology, and community resources. Union Academy encourages innovative teaching methods and commits itself to increased professional development opportunities, as well as affording our teachers flexibility and freedom from certain standardized procedures, allowing time for collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

We measure the success of our curriculum by assessing results derived from a variety of sources: NC End of Grade Tests, NC End of Course Tests, PSAT, PLAN, and ACT.

Results from NC State Tests can be found at http://www.ncreportcards.org

By using a variety of assessment tools, we develop a more comprehensive view of the total child. Data derived from assessment enhances student learning and raises student performance by allowing us to clearly identify students at risk. We are then able to write personal education plans for our students, plan targeted lessons, modify instruction as indicated, and choose appropriate methodology to most efficiently meet individual needs. We are gratified as we see our students’ performance composite increase year after year, while our students flourish in an environment conducive to strength of character. The combined efforts of interested students, involved parents, and dedicated teachers have made our success possible.

Union Academy is jointly accredited by the AdvancED (formerly knows as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement) and by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  In addition, the Union Academy charter was recently renewed through the year 2025 by the NC State Board of Education.