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Exceptional Children

Union Academy’s Programs for Exceptional Children (EC) serve children in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Union Academy has adopted and complies with North Carolina’s Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities.

The Exceptional Children’s department is responsible for conducting Child Find for those students suspected of having a disability and providing appropriate educational opportunities to all children with disabilities. The purpose is to ensure that all eligible children with disabilities have available to them a free, appropriate, public education. In order to meet the goals and address the purpose, the department provides comprehensive evaluation services to determine eligibility through Child Find. Once determined eligible by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, the students' needs are addressed through the development of an individualized education program which may address cognitive, educational, physical, behavioral, communication, motor and adaptive needs of the student.Special education and related services designed to meet the students' unique needs and to prepare students for further education, employment, and independent living are administered through our program at Union Academy Charter School.

At Union Academy, children with disabilities will be educated in the regular educational environment with children who are non-disabled to the maximum extent appropriate, according to Individual Education Plan (IEP) specifications. Children with disabilities will receive services from certified special education teachers and support staff/therapists in the regular education setting to the fullest extent possible by providing accommodations, modifications, inclusion services, and pull-out support/remedial services as deemed necessary and appropriate by the IEP team to meet individual needs.

Any student transferring into Union Academy with an IEP should contact the Exceptional Children’s office.

For questions or concerns:

Grades K-4: Susan Hutaff, Lead EC, shutaff@unionacademy.org or (704) 238-8883.
Grades 5-12: Cissy Brewer, Lead EC, cbrewer@unionacademy.org or (704) 238-8883.

For more information about the topics concerning Exceptional Children in North Carolina, please click here.

EC Staff:

Department Leads
Cissy Brewer -  Lead for Middle and High School: Resource, Self-Contained, Behavioral Teacher
Susan Hutaff - Lead for Elementary School: Speech Pathologist
Keri Blythe -  Middle/High School: Co-teacher and Study Skills teacher
Rhonda Benton - Middle/High School: Co-teacher
Anna Huggins - Middle/High School: Resource, Self-Contained, Behavior teacher
Kathryn Dyer - Middle School: Co-teacher and Study Skills teacher
Amy Hantzis - Middle School: Co-teacher and Study Skills teacher
Lisa Wallace - Elementary/Middle School: Co-teacher and Literacy teacher 
Kelley Zorn - Elementary: Co-teacher, Math and Literacy teacher
LaTosha Sanders - Elementary: Co-teacher, Math and Literacy teacher
Sarah Rushing - Elementary: Co-teacher, Math and Literacy teacher
Tina Gammon - Elementary: Resource and Self-contained teacher
Related Services
Anna Yarbrough - K-12: Speech Pathologist
Stacey Fronczak - K-12: Occupational Therapist
Meredith Avila - High School: Career Development Coordinator
Instructional Assistants
Martha Hendrix - Middle/High School
Kelli Smith - Elementary School
Additional Services: Physical Therapy, Visually Impaired Services, and PsychoEducational Services, as well as other services, are all contracted through outside agencies when needed.