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Barney Harris » Mr. Harris - High School Spanish

Mr. Harris - High School Spanish

Sr. Harris - Classroom 237
Bienvenido! I hope everyone enjoyed his and her summer. I am very excited to be your Spanish teacher and look forward to a great year with great students.
I studied Spanish at Wingate University and graduated with a Degree in Business Marketing and Spanish minor. This will be my fourth year teaching Spanish here at Union Academy and I look forward to another great school year, both remotely and when we get a chance to work together face-to-face. I am very passionate about the total educational development of our students. I serve as a Freshman Advisor, and welcome the bright minds and endless growth opportunities!!! I am the Head Coach for our Varsity Men's Basketball and Track and Field teams. I have a wonderful family that keeps me young. My wife is Keisha, my oldest son is Joshua ('20 UA Graduate), my younger son is Justin (UA Sophomore), and my daughter which is the youngest is Marianna (6th Grade @ UA).
Spanish 1
"This is a beginners course that studies the target language and its culture. It allows students to perform the most basic functions of the language and to become familiar with some elements of its culture. The emphasis is placed on the development of the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) with special attention given to the listening and speaking skills within a given context extending outside of the classroom setting when possible. The context focuses on the adolescents' lives, needs, and experiences and includes an exposure to everyday customs and lifestyles. Basic vocabulary includes numbers, calendar, classes, activities, places, food, sports and family, and basic grammar such as adjective agreement, nouns gender and number, regular verb conjugations, some stem changing verbs and IR+ infinitive to express future tense."

Class expectations:

  1. During our Remote Learning Phase, students are expected to sign-in to CANVAS, and access all class information, schedules, assignments, live instruction, videos, and web conferences. 
  2. Students are expected to join online class sessions as scheduled and be prepared to engage in meaningful  learning. Students are expected to join scheduled live sessions and provide feedback and seek more learning opportunities if needed.
  3. Escuchar y respetar a las personas.  (Listen to instructions and respect each other in turn and opinion)
    Our class is conversational, enjoy speaking Spanish but please listen to others as well, you will be surprised to see how much you learn from your peers. 
  4. Usar Español (Students are expected to use Spanish and participate in class) My class will be the only time where most of you will listen to and speak Spanish daily for 1 hour. Let’s make this time valuable and engage in all activities.

I anticipate having a wonderful a year and maintain a respectful relationship with you. If I need you to improve something, I will do the following:


1st time - Verbal warning.
2nd time -Parent contact. 
3rd time - Referral to the deans.


Grading Policy:

All graded work will be posted on CANVAS. Follow the CANVAS calendar for dates and instructions.

80% Assessments 

Grammar/vocabulary quizzes

Skills assessments on speaking, writing, reading, listening.

Final tests

20% Classwork
Any work including but not limited to exit tickets, online classwork, worksheets, use of Spanish, etc.
Students can retake any assessment with the exception of a final test. The grade will be the average of all retakes. Grace period: 2 days 
Assessments must be taken within the topic of study or it will lock your progress on the CANVAS course. 2 or more days late = No more than 50%.

Our Spanish department uses a  “Standards –Based” grading system. This means that students will be graded on how well they can perform a function of the language (see rubric below). As we learn a new structures students will have repetitive practice and feedback in order to achieve the expected level of proficiency. Students are also allowed to repeat skills assessments.


The following chart/scale will be the rubric to determine the Skills assessment grade:


Language Level




Student performs at proficient level and always expands  with minor to no errors

Student masters the topic or concept.



Student uses required vocabulary, grammatical structures, and spelling/pronunciation correctly most of the time.

Student understands the topic or concept.



Student demonstrates the skill, but errors are common. Inconsistent use of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and/or spelling/pronunciation impedes communication.

Student needs assistance to understand the topic or concept.


Little Evidence

Student shows low skills. Errors are common and shows lack of required vocabulary and/or grammatical structures.

Student struggles to understand the topic or concept.


No evidence

No evidence of mastery



Incomplete/Student would not be able to move forward.


Incomplete/ Late Graded Work Policy:

As part of the character education program, it is imperative that students learn the value of task completion. Therefore, students are required to complete all assignments in order to do well in my class.

  • Student work is to be submitted on time
  • Work not submitted on time will be marked as  “Incomplete”  until submitted.
  • Students are allowed to retake and turn in late all graded assignments.


Supply List:

  • 1 small 3 ring Binder w/ paper
  • 1 pack of dividers
  • a pair of headphones
Sr. Harris