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"A Davidson Wildcat with a Union Academy Cardinal Perched on His Shoulder"

Maurice Norman- “I am a Davidson Wildcat with a Union Academy

Cardinal Perched on My Shoulder”

As the UA Class of 2018 prepares to walk across the stage in less than two weeks, we can’t help but wonder how our alumni are carving out their paths in the real world after their time at Union Academy. We love to hear from alumni like Maurice Norman, who is taking what he learned here, serving his community and sharing his passions with the world.

Norman left the nest when he graduated from UA in 2016. He currently attends Davidson College, where he declared a double major in African Studies and English Studies.

During his two years at Davidson, Norman has been recognized multiple times for his creativity and passion to make positive change in his community.

He recently received the Duke Resiliency Grant which allowed him to spearhead an art installation project called Project: Token. The installation illuminates ethnic resilience through photography, spoken word, and firsthand narrative transcriptions and stood in Davidson College’s Patterson Court Lawn for a month for all passerbyers to interact with.

“I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the Davidson campus community” Norman said in reference to his experience with the project. “Their support warmed my heart.”

Norman is also in the Bonner Scholar Program, which is a four-year scholarship program that supports a strong team of students working to bring about positive community change through service, research and action. These scholars are required to complete 280 hours of service each year. For many of those hours, Norman serves at the Ada Jenkins Center, a community outreach organization that helps underprivileged youth.

This year, he was one of four recipients of the 2018 Davidson Black Alumni Network Scholarship Award, which recognizes African-American students in good academic standing who have demonstrated distinguished service to the community. When asked how he felt about receiving this prestigious award, he expressed gratitude for the support of his academic peers.

“I felt honored” he said.  “Their encouragement provides a lot of the emotional support I need.”

Norman is also a spoken word artist and creative writer. He traveled around the country to big cities like San Francisco and Chicago to perform spoken word, and received the second place Vereen Bell Memorial Award for Creative Writing from the Davidson College English Studies Department in April this year.

For his next endeavor, Norman is taking his talents overseas. He is studying abroad for the next seven months - first in Kumasi, Ghana and then in Sydney, Australia - where he will take courses toward his majors and participate in an internship.


“[Studying abroad] will fuel my step into international collaboration of the Africana and English fields,” Norman said.

If you would like to make any kind of donation toward his travel expenses, please click here.

In reflection of his post-high-school-graduation success, Norman said he was thankful to Union Academy for providing a strong platform in academic and social resources.

“I am a Davidson Wildcat with a Union Academy Cardinal perched on my shoulder” he said. “I [am] honored to collaborate with Union Academy.”


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