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UA Students Make Snow Days Educational

Dr. Walters asked our students to do a little homework during our snow days.

The assignments?

Day 1: Choose one (or more!) of the following:
Check out the photos!

1. Math: Measure the snow accumulation.
2. Language Arts: Write a poem about snow.
3. Anatomy: Go outside and build a snowman.
4. Science: Make snow cream.
5. PE: Have a snowball-throwing contest with your parents.

Day 2: Choose one (or more!) from the following:
Check out the photos!

1. Language Arts: Come up with at least five words (synonyms) for cold.
2. PE: Vacuum or sweep the house (you're welcome, parents!)
3. Math: Count the birds outside your window... look for cardinals! 
4. Science: Find a way to get food and water to the birds and feed them.
5. Art: Make a snow angel.

Thank you for the great response and sharing your fun with us!