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Tenth Grade Wilmington Field Trip

Our tenth-grade UA students dove head first into curriculum last week on a three-day excursion to Wilmington, N.C.

The trip was jam-packed with fun activities related to tenth-grade biology, history, and team building. From getting their hands dirty dissecting squid during the MarineQuest program to putting their brains together to escape The Breakout Room, the students were immersed in learning experiences from beginning to end.

The field trip involved a lot of walking around and touring of the beautiful port city. Students explored historic downtown Wilmington on a history walking tour and even heard haunting tales of the town’s most notorious ghost encounters on their Wednesday evening Ghost Walk.

They also learned about Wilmington’s important roles in WWII and the Civil War when they toured Battleship North Carolina and Fort Fisher, and reenacted battle preparation by getting into line formation and charging the fort.

While Wilmington is rich in history, it is also rich in marine life. Students spent time with the UNC Wilmington MarineQuest program led by UNCW undergraduate and graduate students and professors of marine biology. UA students learned all about the importance of plankton in our ecosystem by observing live specimen samples under a microscope. The also dissected squid with their bare hands, went kayaking in the basin, tested water salinity, and went seining (net fishing) to learn how to identify different types of marine life.

In addition to the amazing, hands-on academic opportunities the trip provided, it also gave our rising upper-classmen a chance to begin thinking about life after high school. Students went on a guided tour of the UNCW campus to learn more about the college admission process and all the great things the university has to offer its students.

By the end of the trip, everyone was exhausted, but in the best possible way. Our chaperones knew they were headed home Friday evening with 101 tenth graders who are closer with each other because of the experience, and our tenth graders knew it, too.

“The thing I love most about these trips is that we all come together as a grade,” sophomore Nick Smith said. “It’s a great time for us to step away from UA’s campus to learn together and bond with each other.”

We hope our seventh-graders have a similar experience on their three-day field trip to St. Christopher Barrier Island, which is postponed to Jan.17-19, 2018 due to weather complications. Stay tuned on our social media pages and our website for more information about upcoming school trips and activities!