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The Role of School Nurses at UA

The Role of School Nurses at UA


We value our school nurses here at Union Academy. They play a crucial role in providing health services to our school, including working with students who have chronic conditions, managing mandated health screening programs, verifying immunizations and reporting incidents of infectious disease.


Of course, our school nurses also assess health complaints, from cuts and scrapes to sprains and stomachaches.


Last year, our nurses met with students more than 10,000 times. That’s an average of more than eight visits per student.


The vast majority of those complaints were for headaches and stomachaches, and our nurses just cannot effectively manage this volume. That’s where we need your help.

  • Please remember, our nurses are not a substitute for your regular doctor. When in doubt, please take your child to the doctor for evaluation.

  • If your child does not feel well in the morning, do not send him or her to school at all. We had several instances where parents told sick students to come to school, stay through lunch so the day did not count as an absence, then go to the nurse and ask to go home. We cannot manage these situations.
  • If your child hits his or her head out of school and complains of a headache or dizziness, do not send that child to school. This could indicate a serious injury and the nurse will immediately send the child home to be evaluated by a doctor.

 Helpful information:

  • Headaches and stomachaches are common, especially early in the school year. They are symptoms of increased stress, anxiety and nerves, and should go away as students settle into their routine.

  • It is imperative that children eat breakfast and are hydrated before arriving at school. They need plenty of rest and a healthy diet to combat many of these common complaints.

  • IF your child is sick, he or she must be free of fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting for at least 24 hours – without medication – before returning to school.


  • ALL students’ medications must be checked into the nurse’s office. If possible, medications should be given at home before students come to school.

If you have any questions, contact our school nurses. With your help, we can ensure we provide the best health care possible to all our UA students.