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Spotlight - Life Skills Day (by: Lily Stafford)

Spotlight - Life Skills Day

By Lily Stafford (11th grade)

On March 20, Union Academy held its annual Life Skills Day for high school students. Life Skills Day aims to teach students the critical skills they will need later in life, such as sewing on a button or making good financial decisions. In order to teach these skills to students, community partners volunteer their time and share their knowledge. Many of the volunteers enjoy the day so much, they come back year after year. Grandparent, Carol Sutton, has volunteered each year and says she enjoys hearing from students years later that they were able to sew a button back on their shirt.

Last week’s Life Skills Day showcased courses in self defense, interview skills, how to change a tire, and more. When asked about how Life Skills Day impacts them, students replied that they highly valued Life Skills Day because they get to hear from professionals about skills they know they need but do not typically get to learn about during the normal school day.

Marissa McDougald (11th) responded, “Life Skills Day really helped us to brush up on topics and skills that we don't usually encounter on a day to day basis.” By attending a Union Academy Life Skills Day, students are able to develop the skills that set them up for success as adults whether it’s developing good credit or even learning cursive handwriting. Life Skills Day provides students with additional skills to be successful.