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Spotlight: Upper School Media Center by Lily Stafford (11th)

The Union Academy Upper School Media Center is a common ground for all grade levels where students can come together to help each other and enjoy the magic of reading. But it's not all about checking out books; in the library students are also taught supplementary lessons about what they are learning in class, as well as lessons in formatting, researching, and identifying credible sources.

Each of these lessons is led by media coordinator Michelle Green, who along with teaching these lessons, keeps the media center running efficiently. Along with the invaluable help of Mrs. Doreen Sherrife and the UA library volunteers, the media center is a safe haven from the everyday stresses of school.

When asked what their favorite part of the Media Center was, students often answered that they appreciated having a quiet place to work and felt relaxed when working there. Fifth grader Aubrey Holmes said, “I like the media center because it is a fun way to learn about things.” Many students love having the ability to arrange the tables to better suit their group work, and everyone loves how easy it is to find a good book to read!

A variety of lessons are taught in the library. For example, 6th grade students learned to debate properly by determining their opinion on a topic and using evidence and logical reasoning. During this exercise, students worked together to bring new ideas to the group and organize their arguments.

From the computer lab to the books themselves, students are learning about new skills and ways to supplement their own learning. The hard work of the media center staff and the welcoming atmosphere of the Media Center itself come together to make a calming environment where all students can grow and thrive!