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UA Partnership Agreement 2020-2021

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Union Academy Mission: Union Academy is a K-12 preparatory school dedicated to educating the whole child, providing challenging, high quality instruction, strong character development in all of its students, and collaborative family and community involvement. 

Partnership Philosophy: Union Academy believes that education takes place both at home and at school, and that parents should be active partners in the education of their children. Our mission is to involve the whole family and the whole community in the education of the whole child. In the context of this partnership, parents and school staff commit to be mutually supportive, working together to enhance each child’s development and to ensure the success of Union Academy. Based upon this agreement, students, parents, and staff accept certain responsibilities as partners in this educational endeavor.

At Union Academy, a Partnership Agreement is not just a philosophy, it is an expectation of students, parents, and staff. As a charter school, run by a volunteer board of parents and professionals, Union Academy can exist only if everyone invests in its operation and supports its mission. We are collectively committed to its success. 

Therefore, the Partnership Agreement includes both an expectation to be involved in the education of one’s child(ren) and a request that all families support the overall operation of the school through volunteerism. Numerous opportunities for parental involvement are available to accommodate different family situations. Please see the Volunteer Handbook for Union Academy online at www.unionacademy.org.

Your commitment of time and effort to one or more of these volunteer areas of need is critical to our success as a school and is a part of the expectations of and for all parents.

Below are the collective responsibilities which are needed for the success of each child and for Union Academy:

     I. Responsibilities of Union Academy

        A. To provide an academic program that fulfills the goals expressed in the school’s mission statement

        B. To motivate our children to seek excellence in themselves and their endeavors

        C. To create a safe and caring educational environment where learning is enjoyable

        D. To instill character values which are fundamental to the well-being of the individual, to meaningful relationships,               and to a healthy society

        E. To communicate honestly and frequently regarding student progress

        F. To inform and collaborate with parents regarding disciplinary problems

        G. To support parent participation in the education of their child(ren)

        H. To make a good faith effort to resolve parent and student concerns

II. Responsibilities of the Student

        A. To understand that learning takes work and to give his/her best effort

        B. To come to school prepared to learn with the necessary materials and completed assignments

        C. To make good use of time by: staying the full day, arriving on time, cooperating and concentrating during                         learning periods, exhibiting behavior attitudes that encourage a healthy learning environment, and using time                 out of school wisely to further learning

        D. To communicate honestly and respectfully with the school staff

        E. To seek parent support to enhance his/her learning

        F. To complete and turn in assignments, homework and projects as directed on time

        G. To adhere to the discipline policy for student behavior

        H. To adhere to Union Academy’s dress code

         I. To complete 105 hours of community service during the student’s four years of high school

III. Responsibilities of the Family

         A. To model attitudes and behaviors that support Union Academy’s mission by:

              1. Showing respect to the teachers and Union Academy’s staff by work and deed, both at school and away                          from the school

             2. Modeling effective conflict resolution by handling concerns appropriately, directly, and honestly, and only with those involved

         B. To show respect for the importance of school by:

             1. Having students arrive on time and remain the full length of the school day

             2. Having your child comply with the UA Dress Code

             3. Complying with the school calendar

             4. Attending to your child’s health and nutrition needs

             5. Balancing activities outside of school with school responsibilities

             6. Attending to the financial requirements of the school

         C. To enhance learning by:

             1. Reading, discussing, and signing the daily log (when applicable), thereby staying informed and demonstrating to your child that you are interested in his/her progress and learning

             2. Monitoring the completion of homework, projects, and classwork

             3. Assisting with remedial assignments

             4. Making a plan to obtain make-up assignments and monitoring their completion when necessary

             5. Working with the teachers to plan for absences other than those due to illness

             6. Establishing a time, place, and routine for study at home

             7. Giving positive reinforcement for appropriate attitudes and behaviors

             8. Encouraging your child and praising him/her for doing his/her best

             9. Attending parent-teacher conferences to obtain detailed information about your child’s strengths,                                     weaknesses, and progress, and by fulfilling agreements made at those conferences

            10. Ensuring that your child has proper rest, nutrition, and recreation to promote well-being and readiness to                         learn

             11. Providing home consequences for inappropriate behaviors that interfere with learning

             12. Spending time with your child so that his/her emotional needs are met and he/she can focus on learning

        D. To cooperate with specific requests of the school to ensure appropriate student behavior and/or an appropriate                academic program for your child

        E. To support the overall school program by:

               1. Attending Union Academy family meetings and school functions regularly

               2. Providing service to the school through participation in school activities. Union Academy is a union of                               families. Numerous opportunities for parental involvement are available to accommodate different family                         situations. Your commitment of time and effort to serve in one or more of these areas of need is critical to                        our success as a school and is a part of the expectations of and for all parents. Union Academy expects                        each family to make a service contribution to the school a minimum of six (6) hours per month or                        sixty (60) hours per year. Expressed commitments to serve in unique and creative ways are welcome,                          whether these commitments or contributions are made on or away from campus.

IV. Responsibilities of the Union Academy Headmaster and Staff

          A. To ensure the accomplishment of the mission of Union Academy by creating a safe, orderly, challenging, and                   positive school environment by:

             1. designing policies and procedures which stimulate learning,

             2. treating each student with respect and kindness,

             3. modeling interest in learning and good citizenship,

             4. communicating honestly and frequently regarding student progress and fulfillment of responsibilities, and

             5. rewarding appropriate behavior and academic achievement

         B. To prepare lessons that are interesting, challenging and appropriate for the student

        C. To support the parents so that they can give their best to the students

        D. To be committed to rich and frequent staff development and training

V. Termination of the Partnership Agreement

          A. Parent Concerns: Parents who are concerned that the school is not complying with the Partnership Agreement will take the following actions in sequence, as needed:

            1. Consult directly with the party not fulfilling the agreement. Express your concern clearly and honestly and ask                  for specific actions that will correct the situation. Allow time for improvement.

            2. Notify the party that you continue to be concerned. Make a new plan for improvement and time frame for                          evaluation of its success.

            3. Consult with the Headmaster to ask for assistance in correcting the situation. Agree upon a time frame for                        improvement.

            4. Notify the Headmaster if you continue to be concerned.

            5. In extreme cases, and only after the previous steps have been completed, notify the Chairman of the Board                    of  your concerns.

            B. School Concerns: If the school finds that the students or the parents are not in compliance with the Partnership Agreement, the school will take the following actions in sequence, as needed:

             1. Notify parents in person or by telephone that the school has a concern regarding the compliance with the                         Partnership Agreement.

             2. Send a Non-Compliance Notification to the parents if the school continues to have concerns about                                   compliance with the Partnership Agreement. Parents will be asked to attend a conference with the                                   Headmaster to discuss a plan for compliance.

             3. In the event of continued non-compliance, parents will be asked to attend a conference with the                                       Headmaster, a member of Union Academy staff and a Board representative.

I have read the Union Academy Partnership Agreement and agree to fulfill my responsibilities as described therein throughout my family’s tenure at Union Academy.


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