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Health & PE

Coach Covington, Coach Griffin, Coach Wall and Coach Love are looking forward to growing physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger TOGETHER this year!


Be Prepared


Open Mind and Open Attitude

Keep It To Yourself

Everything You Have

1) BE PREPARED: Laced tennis shoes/sneakers are a MUST (no Crocs, boots, slides, Hey Dudes, etc.) The athletic shoes that grip the ankle without laces are fine! Please have a water bottle to hydrate with throughout class and the day. All gum and food need to be disposed of BEFORE entering the gym! WE HAVE NO USE FOR  GUM or ELECTRONICS IN THE GYM!! No one is dressing out at this time. If and when that happens, adequate notice will be given.

2) RESPECT: In order to get respect, you must give it first. When adults speak, mouths are closed, ears are open, and attention is given. Treat your peers with the same grace and  mercy you want from them, even if you’re not friends. Be kind to yourself.  “Love Your neighbor as you love yourself.” Feelings are good, but feelings don’t give you permission to treat others with no respect.

3) OPEN MIND & OPEN ATTITUDE: The gym is a safe space and a place to relax and unwind. If you have frustrations, use the gym as an opportunity to let out those frustrations in a healthy and respectful manner. In order to keep the gym as a safe place we must keep  the DRAMA OUT. If there's something that needs to be addressed, please let a PE teacher know ASAP! The gym environment is a very adaptable environment and sometimes changes occur with plans and/or locations with little to no notice. We may not like the change, but we can control how we react when change happens. Negative attitudes = Negative  results; Positive attitudes = Positive results.

4) KEEP IT TO YOURSELF: Everyone has their own personal comfort space. All comfort spaces change from person to person. Stay inside your comfort space and do not  invade someone else’s comfort space with objects or yourself. Just because you’re  comfortable with it, doesn’t mean someone else is. Reasonable Space invaders that are  allowed are: high-fives, fist bumps, and hand-shakes. Space invasion is only allowed  when both parties and adults consent. 

5) EVERYTHING YOU HAVE: EVERYONE was created to be different! Some are  better at certain things than others. You will not be the best at everything. You were  made to only be great at certain things. However, it takes no talent or special ability to  give 100 % of your effort to whatever you are doing. Focus on making yourself better  and don’t worry about what others are, or are not, doing. If you put in all your effort,  then you have nothing to be worried about.

Stay safe, healthy, and blessed!

Physical Education Grading Rubric











Student goes above and beyond the skills needed in the particular unit. Sportsmanship and character are what is asked of student and more. 

Student meets basic skills needed in particular unit. Sportsmanship and character are what is being asked of. 

Student almost meets the skills needed in the particular unit. There is more that can be given with sportsmanship and character.

Student is missing a lot of the skills needed for the particular unit. Very little display of sportsmanship and character. 

Student did not put forth any effort towards the skills needed in the particular unit. There is no display of sportsmanship or character. 


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