Well Hello There!!

  • My name is Anthony McDaniel, and I am 24 years old. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies with a double minor in Communications and Human Services from Wingate University in 2021. While at Wingate, I was highly involved on campus as I am a brother of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Eta Mu chapter, and I was a founding mentor for the Wayfind Program, which is a partnership between UCPS and Wingate University, enabling those within Title I schools, such as East Union and Monroe Middle and Forest Hills and Monroe High, pictures included above. We challenge students with test prep and college readiness lessons and once the student completes the program, they can receive a full-tuition scholarship to Wingate University.

    School has always been a passion of mine and I am eager to see where I can have a positive impact within the educational field. I am a firm believer that educators are one of the founding principles of the world, as we foster and mold the minds of the next generations, which is why I want to have such an everlasting impact.

    I am from Monroe, NC, and have lived here all but two months of my life. After I graduated from Wingate University, I moved to Oak Island, NC to take a breather from school and decided to enjoy life a little. Since returning home, I have been able to live with my best friends, I am working on my Masters's in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I began my journey at UA in 2022 but had the privilege to student teach here back in 2019 with Mrs. Falcigno. This year I have transitioned from History to English and I will be teaching Honors and CP English 3. I look forward to an amazing year!


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