COVID-19 Updates (*updated 08/11/2022)

  • Effective 6/24/22, NCDHHS “sunsetted” the NC StrongSchools Toolkit. Moving forward, school administrators, staff, and families should refer to the CDC’s Operational Guidance for K12 Schools for information on how to lower the risk of COVID-19.

    As we transition from the StrongSchools Toolkit to the CDC guidance, highlights of policies for schools include:

    • Masks are recommended at high CDC COVID-19 community level 
    • It is no longer recommended that schools implement physically distancing strategies (such as keeping students 3ft or 6ft apart).
    • Universal contact tracing is not recommended.
    • Testing, Ventilation and Cleaning remain important layers of protection 

    If your student chooses to wear a mask while at school, make sure a clean, well-fitting mask is provided from home.

    If a student tests positive for COVID:

    • Notify the School Nurse
    • Isolate for 5 days from symptom onset or test date if there are no symptoms.
    • Wear a mask for the remaining 5 days.

    If you are exposed to a COVID positive person:

    • Wear a mask for 10 days.
    • Testing is recommended after the 5th day of exposure.
    • If symptoms develop, isolate and get tested.