• This powerful tool will allow staff and students (grades K to 12) to collaborate, integrate technology into the classroom, and help Union Academy go green by propelling further into today's digital world.

    General Information:

    • Students and staff are separated into "sub-domains". Staff will use @unionacademy.org for their services, while students will use the @uamail.unionacademy.org domain.
    • Each group must use the links tailored to their particular group.
    • Staff will be utilizing Gmail and Google Docs.
    • Students in grades K - 2 will be utilizing Google Docs and Google Classroom only. They will not be provided with UA e-mail addresses.
    • Students in grades 3 - 12 will be utilizing Gmail. This e-mail address is intended for educational purposes only and will be filtered, monitored, and subject to disciplinary action.
      Email syntax will mirror the following example:
      Student's name (first, last): Test Student
      Student's UA e-mail address: teststudent@uamail.unionacademy.org
      Password: Same as UA network login, will be provided to students

    Google Apps and Students Under 13:

    In order to ensure compliance with federal laws, Union Academy is requiring parental consent for accounts to be created for students in grades 3 - 8.