Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Stacey Blair

Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies
I am a historian, writer as well as a history teacher and history nut.  When not doing all of that I spend my time playing pirate (as a pirate and 18th century reenactor) or designing historical clothing.  This will be my 22nd year here at Union Academy and in addition to my teaching degree, I have a BA in History with a minor in Geography, a BFA in Design and Architecture with a minor in Cultural History and a MA in History.  I attended Converse College, Rowan University and the American Military University.  You could say I really love history and I love to share that love with students.
I also manage "Angus Charles History Dog" also known as "Pirate Puppy" across social media (check us out on Facebook and Instagram at present) which promotes history and historical preservation as well as promoting historical sites.

  • In 7th Grade, we cover the second half of world history -- roughly from 1300 to the present -- the entire planet, so we move very fast and cover a lot of material.  We will have two tests each quarter (there is a study guide on Canvas and we do a class of review the day before the test).  We will have various Portfolio pieces throughout the quarter that are a variety of different things.  Please note, that because of our new schedule and timing Social Studies only gets about 35 minutes of class time, so we will be having homework most nights as well as having to work on Portfolio pieces at home (students are usually given at least one week to complete these).  Please contact me by email if you have any questions -- that is usually the quickest way to get hold of me.

  • New Changes in Policy
    1.  There will be no more "redo" on assignments and tests.  Students who are not happy with their score will be able to do corrections to earn back partial credit.
    2.  Late Work -- students will lose 10 points each day an assignment is late (these points will be deducted after the assignment has been graded)
    3. Grading Scale for my Social Studies Class
     -- all assignments, tests, portfolio pieces, and others will go into the grade book equally.  Homework is a little different.  They will have a set number of homework assignments for each unit. They should be completed the night they are assigned, but they are not due until the end of the quarter.  That way, if your student has an extra busy night, they can make it up later.  There will be no extensions though, as this assignment will be due as the quarter is closing.  All of the homework will count as a single test grade.  They will be given a grade based on the number of assignments they complete with more than 50% of the questions correct.  Example: if there are 10 assignments and your student has completed 7, they receive a 70 for this quarter's homework grade.
    4.  I do not offer extra credit.
Pirate Blair
  • What's Coming up and Due

    We will be starting Unit 6 -- World War II

        -- Warning, this unit includes many difficult subjects, including the Holocaust.  While all materials presented and gone over are age appropriate, they are still difficult and affect students in different ways.  

    Important Dates

    Test for Unit 6 -- March 3

         -- The Study Guide is on Canvas from the first day of the unit -- making hand written copies is a great way to study

    All homework for the quarter must be completed by March 3


    Portfolio Due Dates

    Holocaust Essay -- Due February 24th


    Homework Suggestion due Dates

    6.1 Homework -- January 25

    6.2 Homework -- January 26

    6.3 Homework -- January 27

    6.4 Homework -- January 30

    6.5 Homework -- February 1

    6.6A Homework -- February 2

    6.6B Homework -- February 3