K-8 Community Service

  • K-8 community service is facilitated by Union Academy and completed by grade level. 

    Lower School (K-4)

    Our Lower School has adopted year-long community outreach partnerships for each grade level (grades K-4). Throughout the year, students participate in projects, fundraising, donations and visits to their adopted organization. For example, fourth grade students adopted the Union County Animal shelter as their community outreach partner. Students study animals as part of the fourth grade curriculum. Field trips to the shelter help students identify animal breeds, behaviors and habitats. It also teaches them how to properly care for animals. In turn, the students help with feeding, petting and exercising animals in preparation for adoption. They also collect food donations and supplies for the shelter throughout the school year.

    Middle School (5-8)

    Middle School students (grades 5-8) experiences are much more hands-on in their community involvement. Every middle school student belongs to a community-based Cardinal Club.  At least twice a year, the club goes out into the community to do a community service project or support a civic organization. Students pack and serve lunches to Operation Reach Out clients, mentor at-risk children, and visit the elderly, just to name a few.


    For more information about K-8 community service, visit our Activities page