UA Communications

  • The goal of the Communications Department at Union Academy is to provide quality, relevant, and up-to date information for all employees, students, families, and members of the community and media. We accomplish this through both print and digital media. The Union Academy website is a major source of information. Publications, newsletters, brochures, banners, handbooks, and postcards are also produced and printed by the Communications Department. Specific standards and guidelines have been set to ensure all Union Academy communications, publications, and other collateral present a strong, consistent public image and brand of the school. Please consult the Union Academy Communications Standards Manual and Style Guide when writing, editing, designing, or presenting on behalf of the school.

    NCSPRA  2022 Awards

    • Best of the Best - Photography
    • Electronic Media - UA 20th Anniversary Video
    • Photography - Spirit Parade
    • Photography - Field Day
    • Publications - Cardinal Courier Holiday 2020
    • Special Events and Programs - Kindergarten Orientation

What We Do

  • Internal Communications

    • Ensures consistency of Union Academy brand on all district-level communications, including print, broadcast, and online
    • Writes and produces key district publications
    • Acts as a consultant for other departments as they produce publications
    • Approves communications and documents for school-wide dissemination

    External Communications

    Media Relations

     The Communications team oversees all communication between the school and the news media. 

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Communications Staff

  • Jennifer Sutton Smith - Communications Director

  • Danielle Hillie - Communications Assistant